NTC’s suite of innovative default servicing solutions compliment and support any servicers process of handling non-performing loans and adhere to all regulatory and investor requirements. For 30 years NTC has assisted to reduce process times, decrease cost and improve efficiencies. As we're entering 2021, be prepared by partnering with an experienced provider you can trust.

Assignments of Mortgages: Assignment Chain Verification, & Document Preparation 
NTC manages the process according to MERS guidelines, investor rules, and foreclosing entity requirements. Our assignments are prepared and recorded with a documentation package supporting that the mortgage is appropriately in the name of the foreclosing entity, enabling the movement to the next step in the process.

Assignment Verification Report (AVR)
NTC performs a thorough search of current land records and provides a report on the subject mortgage, including all applicable recorded documents in the assignment chain. Our report also specifies whether the mortgage was foreclosed or released and any additional problems found with the assignment(s) in the chain.

Assignment Chain Restoration
NTC processes quickly identify and isolate loans in any population with assignment chain issues that can stop a foreclosure process in its tracks. The Assignment Chain Restoration service prepares the appropriate document and facilitates execution from an authorized agent resolving the issue completing the assignment chain.

Chain of Title Binder for Notes & Endorsements
NTC provides a Chain of Title Binder service that incorporates a note review to determine the note holder, remediate it to the foreclosing entity, and then include a validation of the chain of title in the package delivered.

Title Policy Corrective, Retrieval & Replacement
NTC supports default servicing, offering document retrieval processes for locating lost title policies, retrieving documentation, remediating exceptions, and issuing title nationwide.

Document Retrieval/County Research
NTC’s extensive digital access to land and county records and national abstract networks provides fast, accurate results with competitive pricing for retrieving missing mortgage-related documents and information for each defaulted loan.

Mortgage Modification Title & Recording
NTC will QC and record your modified mortgage document and provide a mortgage modification title policy.

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